Amateur theatre in Kelvedon, Essex

Social Evenings and Workshops

Throughout 2023 Kelvedon Players are running a series of monthly social get-togethers and drama
workshops. The purpose is two-fold – for KP members to meet and share knowledge and for
people in the village and beyond to get to know KPs and enjoy us as a social group and, if you wish,
learn a bit about the process of acting. There is no obligation to join KPs but it might make you
want to come and see a production, as well as share some time with us socially.

For further information please contact Zoe Carter –

  • Programme for 2023
    (subject to amendment as deemed appropriate)

Friday 6th January – 8pm – Drinks at The Railway Tavern, Kelvedon
Friday 10th February – 8pm – Workshop: Impro – Kelvedon Institute

• theatre ‘sports’;
• creativity;
• thinking on your feet;
• spontaneity;
• expressiveness;
• improvisation.

Fast-paced exercises in teams; no acting; energetic and fun; zero risk of failing.

Friday 10th March – 8pm – Drinks at The Railway Tavern, Kelvedon

Wednesday 5th April – 8pm – Workshop: Practical considerations – Kelvedon

• acting technique;
where to look;
• hands and feet;
• entrances and exits;
• taking a prompt;
• up-staging and pulling focus – how to avoid it.

Practical exercises on looking comfortable on stage and feedback on what
works effectively in tricky situations.

Friday 5th May – 8pm – Drinks at The Railway Tavern, Kelvedon

Friday 9th June – 8pm – Workshop: Working on text – Kelvedon Institute

• finding sub-scenes within a scene and naming them to help identify
changes of pace, mood, focus, character, meaning, emphasis,
• technical variations in delivery of the text, e.g. speed, pauses, machinegunning,
sing-song, monotone, full-range;
• comparing styles of text.

Friday 7th July – 8pm – Drinks at The Railway Tavern, Kelvedon

Friday 11th August – 8pm – Workshop: Singing – Kelvedon Institute

• breathing;
• forward placement and tone;
• finding meaning in a song and how to emphasise this.

Friday 8th September – 8pm – Drinks at The Railway Tavern, Kelvedon

Friday 6th October – 8pm – Workshop: Voice and Speech – Kelvedon Institute

• breathing exercises for breath control and projection;
• voice exercises for tone and protecting the voice;
• speech exercises for diction, clarity and projection.

Friday 10th November – 8pm – Drinks at The Railway Tavern, Kelvedon

Friday 8th December – 8pm – Workshop: Accents & Dialects – Kelvedon

• researching your accent/dialect;
• the effect of altering the position of the tongue, soft palate, lips, mouth;
• practising commonly used accents and dialects.

Direct A Play

If you would like to direct a play with Kelvedon Players, please submit your proposal to the Committee for consideration. Details can be found here.

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