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Kelvedon Players Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct sets out how we as members of KPs will respect each other and collaborate for the benefit of our fellow members.

How we treat each other

We will treat everyone with equal respect.

We pride ourselves on our friendly welcome to anyone participating in a KP show.

We recognise that we are all individuals and we all think and act differently and that diversity is our richness. We also recognise the value in each of our roles and each other’s skills as individuals or as teams.

We will all behave as responsible adults in a polite and courteous manner and should expect to be treated as such.

We don’t want a culture where people cannot touch each other to express support or in comradery. But we recognise that some people do not want to be touched and that’s OK.

We all have a responsibility to show each other respect throughout our interactions with one another. We will schedule rehearsals with fair notice, we will be punctual, we will be present when called and engage fully. We will not show favouritism and we will allow space for all opinions.

We all share a responsibility for each other’s wellbeing within the Society. We all spend a lot of time together and we will make an effort to enhance each other’s experience as a member of KPs

We think humour is vital and it plays a large part in creating a happy, healthy environment but we will be mindful that one person’s “banter” may be another person’s embarrassment.

We are all capable of making mistakes or acting outside of the values of our Code of Conduct, but we will endeavour to rectify the mistakes we have made.

We will not be too proud or stubborn to apologise. We will also accept apologies and not hold grudges.

Rehearsal Environment

We will be respectful to the director and creative team at all times. If cast in a production we will commit the time required to be ready for opening night.  We will arrive at rehearsals on time, or inform the director if delayed or unable to attend.

We are all entitled to work in an environment that is free from harassment in any form.

If something makes you uncomfortable, you have the right to ask for it to stop. If others appear to feel differently that does not mean that you are in the wrong. It is what makes you feel comfortable that matters.

You should not be made to feel uncomfortable for asking people to treat you in a respectful manner. If you raise something, it is reasonable to expect your fellow members to seek to amend their behaviour.

We want members to feel empowered to deal with less serious matters in your own way, but we realise that this is not always easy. You have the right to expect the assistance of the committee in dealing with serious issues, or with less serious issues that can’t be resolved.

You will not be criticised for raising matters which others may feel are trivial. What you do or don’t find acceptable is a matter for you, not for others.

We will communicate with others in order to solve problems and discuss issues. We do not have a culture of blaming or shaming.

We do not believe shouting is ever OK.

We think that occasional swearing is OK to let off steam, but it is never to be directed at anyone or done in an aggressive way.

If we have a concern or issue, we have a responsibility to bring it up with a member of the committee or an appropriate person.

We all appreciate how helpful technology is and in particular are very reliant on our phones. We agree that using a phone to do emails/texts/social media messaging during a rehearsal is inappropriate and disrespectful. If we are waiting for a particularly important phone call or message, we will advise the person leading that rehearsal of the particular circumstances and will take the phone call outside the rehearsal room

Sexual Harassment 

It is never appropriate to verbally sexually objectify anyone’s body in a rehearsal room or theatre.

It is never appropriate for an actor to be made to feel vulnerable through nudity, undress or costuming.

It is never appropriate to send overly personal or suggestive communications to a junior. Neither is it acceptable for unsolicited communications of an aggressive or sexual nature to be sent to another non-consenting adult member

It is never appropriate to initiate unwanted intimate physical contact.

It is never appropriate for someone in a junior role to be asked by someone in a senior role to work outside rehearsal hours in their private home.

Where acts of sexual harassment are deemed serious, persistent or repeated despite them being “called out”, KPs will take action, including the engagement of external agencies to investigate the matter. KPs reserves the right to sanction an individual including cancellation of membership.

Sanctions will vary depending on the circumstances of each case, but every complaint brought formally to the attention of the committee will be properly investigated.

This Code of Conduct will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure it still reflects our collective view.

KP Code of Conduct   v 1  03/10/23                                                                                                                                                           

Direct A Play

If you would like to direct a play with Kelvedon Players, please submit your proposal to the Committee for consideration. Details can be found here.

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