The Committee held a zoom meeting last week to discuss the way ahead and it was decided that Martyn Hill should read and audition for the play that he was due to direct in the autumn with a view to performing it when allowed.


Martyn would like to hold a social distancing audition on Saturday, 20th June at 3.00 the park at Kelvedon.  If you would like to attend the audition, please let Martyn know a.s.a.p., – Mobile: 07775 925404 – Email: – and copy me in to so that I can send you directions on how to get there.


Please note – Due to current restrictions, only six people will be allowed, so Martyn is happy to do two separate sessions but he can only organise it if you let him know that you would like to audition.  If you are interested but cannot come on Saturday, let Martyn know this too, so that he can make extra arrangements.  WHEN YOU COME – you will need to bring your own chair and refreshments and there will be no toilet facilities so, do as your mum says, and go before you go out.


As stated above, Martyn has two plays in mind –


  1. The Old People are Revolting (auditioning on the date specificied above)

Although the cast list shows just ‘old’  people, don’t be put off by this – a lot can be done with make-up and it’s easier to make somebody look older than younger.  There is one younger person in the cast.  The script shows this as a female but there’s no reason why it should not be a male.


  1. What’s A Calorie Between Friends, details about reading and whether Martyn will audition for this one later

Obviously, at the moment, it’s difficult to say when we can do our next production but if we cast now, people can learn their words and come to rehearsals knowing them.  Martyn plans to have a few social distancing rehearsals and then hopes to step it up when we come out of lockdown.


Hope all the above is clear.  Shout if any probs.


Direct A Play

If you would like to direct a play with Kelvedon Players, you will need to submit your proposal to the Committee for consideration. Details can be found here.

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